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Unless it's on haitus then a lot of Teen Wolf creeps in

Lucas Bryant on Global News Toronto [x]

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"-i thought we had the time, had our lives,
now you never get older, older
didn’t say goodbye , now i’m frozen in time,
getting colder, colder
one last word, one last moment, to ask you why
you left me here behind
you said you’d grow old with me.”

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Superwolf AU - Sam and Dean are not the only ones who did their research.

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Scott and Stiles communicating by aggressively flailing at each other.


If you need to smile today, pause any frame of this gif right here:

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fun fact i knew this girl from camp who had a british accent but she wasn’t from england and then one day i went to her house and her parents didn’t have a british accent either so i asked her where she got it from because i was really confused and she told me her parents faked it until she was 7 because they wanted a child with a british accent

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